On this site, you can find some flash games I have made in the past.

Tactic Hero is a multiplayer shooter similar to Counter Strike, except it's in 2D.

Currently, there aren't many players playing the game, and I assure you that if you love CS, you will love Tactic Hero! So please try it out with your friends :)

Painter Wars is the other only multiplayer game I have made so far. It's a drawing and guess game, where each player take turns to draw, and other players will guess what it is.

Pro Rally 2 and Pro Rally 2009 are the games I made when I was a newbie in ActionScript3.

I was searching for a racing game in flash, that allows me to drift just like in a console game. But I couldn't find one, so that's when I headed and created the Pro Rally series.

Finally, Fgnuboy is a game boy emulator that was once very bleeding edge when the term html5 doesn't exist.

Written by fish