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fgnuboy taken offline
Because someone took the source code and combined it with a commercial rom, and released it through mochiads for revenue, I have decided to take the whole project offline.

It is a GPL violation to distribute binaries without releasing the source code to the whole thing. Plus it is against the copyright law to distribute copyrighted works without permission.

Stealing someone else's work and to get money from it is definitely dishonest.

If all you can do is stealing, I recommend you to leave this industry. You are clearly lacking in skills and impossible to compete with us.

fish February 18 2010

fgnuboy v0.2 released!
The fgnuboy swf finally loads rom specified in the flash vars instead of embedding the whole rom into itself.
The new version can be found in the download section.

Some docs in the zip, including examples on how to embed fgnuboy to a website.
Loads roms externally, specified using the flash var "rom".
The swf now has a preloader and will also show progress when downloading the rom.

fish July 15 2009

fgnuboy v0.1 released!
This is the first release after announcing about my gnuboy port in mochiads forum.
Sources can be found in the download section.

Added instructions and info at the bottom of the screen.
Sram now saves to local shared object.
Fixed slowdowns during gameplay.

fish July 14 2009

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